Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2012: A Year in Travel: Part 3

Oh. Hi.

Please excuse a slight lull in scheduled programming. Festive over-eating, champagne drinking and bed-hopping (in the least interesting sense of the word possible) may have gotten in the way...

So where were we?

I remember - October:

In which I was lucky enough to visit my newly-relocated, and newly married, friends in the Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman, to be precise.

Despite the minor fact that Hurricane Sandy decided to start its progression through the Caribbean just as I arrived, it was a pretty freaking awesome week.

We ate, drank, played board games, swam and snorkelled our way around the entire island.

Oh. And we paid a little visit to Hell.

And did I mention there were cocktails?

November was largely spent watching Homeland, baking up a storm and fantasy trip planning

But in December I made another trip back across the Atlantic, to spend Christmas back in Suffolk with my family.

Not that I went straight there - en route from the airport I stopped in with my friend N and her adorable baby boy Noah. Then it was time for a belated 60th birthday present to my mum - a weekend spa-ing it up in Bath.

I finally got back to Suffolk just in time to hang with my favourite ladies, prop up the bar at my local pub, and learn some weapons-craft (more on that later...) before heading off to the Netherlands to see in 2013, Damnam Style (geddit? Yeah. Yeah. I know).

In case you ever wondered what the optimum number of people for a truly raucous dance party is, I can definitively provide that answer.


So that's 2012 all wrapped up. Bring on 2013!


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