Comings and goings

So far:

I'm pretty much a travel addict - the chances of me ever turning down an opportunity to go somewhere new are slim. The chances of me failing to read a map properly and aimlessly, if happily, wandering around lost for hours at a time are somewhat higher.

You can read about all of my wanderings over the past couple of years here, should you feel so inclined.

Since moving to Los Angeles in May 2011, I've visited New York, Arizona and Nevada, as well as exploring California.

Yeah, Yosemite's pretty great.

I've also spent some time in Toronto, Amsterdam and the Cayman Islands, as well as heading back to England for various festivities. 

Cayman's not to shabby either.

From April 2013 I'll be back in London, possibly suffering from sunshine withdrawal symptoms, and almost certainly making the most of the local pub quiz. 


I'll be bidding farewell to the US in style, with a trip to Hawaii and to Coachella.

And plans for a South American adventure are still afoot, although they've been modified slightly - hopefully that'll be happening in the autumn. 

Trip planning, for journeys both hypothetical and real, gives me great joy, so all hints, tips and general wisdom are much appreciated!


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