Wednesday, 5 June 2013

10 things Clueless taught me

Cher Horowitz, wearer of all things fluffy, swisher of shiny blonde hair, and giver of sage advice, had many lessons for the overwhelmed pre-teen:

1. If a guy is coming over, always have something baking in the oven.

2. No-one worth knowing lives below Sunset Blvd.

3. It's ok to get it on with your step-brother,  - but only if he's Paul Rudd.

4. LA freeways are terrifying.

5. Makeover attempts rarely, if ever, end well.

6. If you get mugged, prioritise your coat over your personal safety.

7. People who have lost everything in earthquake/flood/environmental disaster almost certainly need athletic equipment.

8. High school boys are not where it's at.

9. Walk-in closets = aspirational.

10. Naming your children after former superstars who now do infomercials is clearly the only sane option.