About me

Hi. I'm Celia. Welcome.

The moustache was a temporary addition.

Without entirely planning to, I seem to have fallen into itinerant habits. I spent most of my early and mid twenties moving between the East coast of England, Yorkshire and London, studying, building my career and using all my spare pennies to travel as much as possible.

Then in May 2011, after years of talking about it, I left London for California - in search of excitement, new adventures and more than three straight days without rain.

I'm currently in Los Angeles, where I work strange hours, spend a considerable amount of time trawling flea markets, watch too many films and welcome lots of visitors lured in by my promises of a rooftop pool and a good working knowledge of the city's best happy hours...

I started this blog as a way to document my time in LA, so that one day, when I'm old and grizzled and living in Goole, or Stevenage, I'll remember the days when I lived in sunny climes and totally failed to take advantage of them.

Oh - and The Life Pursuit? I just really, really like Belle and Sebastian.


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