Monday, 17 December 2012

Oh Saul.

I know I'm not unique in this. But man, I love Homeland. To the extent that I've been known to refuse Sunday evening invitations to stay home in my pjs and Homeland it up.

More specifically, I love Saul Berenson.

Photo: Kent Smith for Showtime

No spoilers here, I promise. I know the season hasn't finished yet in England. But I will say that while I didn't feel season two was quite as consistently great as season one, my devotion to Saul has just grown and grown.

Plus, if you've seen the Princess Bride, you probably love Mandy Patinkin for a few other reasons too.

In my game of Celebrity Happy Families (you don't play that? You totally should. Michael Caine is my pretend celebrity grandad, and Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton are my imaginary aunt and uncle. Imagine Christmas day!) he's totally taking the dad spot.

So yeah. Watch the finale. Watch his face. It's amazing. AMAZING I tell you.

Oh - and, if you want any possibility of taking Carrie/Brody/Dana  seriously ruined for you entirely, watch this. I'm now strangely fascinated by Damian Lewis' tiny mouth.


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