Saturday, 27 October 2012


When I booked my flights to Cayman, I was fully aware that visiting a Caribbean island during hurricane season (albeit the tail-end of the season) was a slightly high-risk choice.

But I still hadn't anticipated that Hurricane Sandy would be making its presence felt - strengthening and becoming a very serious proposition indeed as it headed for Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti and then up towards the east coast of America.

We were really lucky. Sandy only turned from a tropical storm into a hurricane as it moved further away from us, and, whereas some Caribbean islands were directly hit, with a high death toll in Cuba and Haiti, we just had some rather changeable weather, rather than any risk to our safety or to the island's infrastructure - and for that I am very grateful.

The day after I arrived, the normally tranquil Caribbean suddenly started to rival the Pacific in terms of rather intimidating waves, while freakishly sudden rainstorms drenched everything before moving on again just as quickly as they'd arrived.

The giant seas put the kibosh on a couple of the bigger activities we'd scheduled, including a snorkelling trip to Stingray City and a trial dive. But there's something very freeing about being on holiday with two of the people whose company you most enjoy, and feeling no pressure to run around being the World's Best Tourist.

Instead, our days tended to begin in leisurely fashion, with some midday beach action.

Then lunch - usually jerk anything.

Maybe some drinks. This, my friends, is a Mudslide. The low-calorie afternoon beverage of choice.

Then some afternoon swimming or snorkelling.

A little more beachside drinking.

And one last sunset swim.

If you're a big old geek like me, any rain-enforced breaks from the water can be easily filled with board games. And of course, catch-up chat with Fi and Luke, friends that I  used to see every day, and now might not get to hang out with for another year.

It was so amazing to see their new lives in the Caribbean, meet their new friends, pad around their fancy new home and see for myself how happy they are in chilled, friendly Cayman.

I'm also very, very grateful that Sandy largely bypassed us, and hopeful that it doesn't cause too much more damage before it runs its course.

Now I just need to work out when and how I can make it back for a return visit...


S said...

Ridiculously glad Sandy left you mostly alone too. Looks like we've had very similar, extremely taxing breaks! Stay safe my love. S x

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