Monday, 10 December 2012

Graffiti run

I've not been doing so well on the running front over the past couple of months. It's always trickier in the winter because my favourite route shuts down earlier, and it's still usually a little warm for daytime jogging, but that's no excuse for general lameness.

So I decided I need a little motivation. Nothing too drastic, just some fun running deadlines for the not too distant future.

Enter the graffiti run!

It's just a 5k, so nothing too challenging, but I'm going to try and work on my speed. Plus see how cool it looks! And I've cajoled my friend J into signing up as well, so I'll have some company as we work our way around the course having coloured powder chucked at us.

If you fancy signing up, the LA run is March 16th, but there are others coming up in Texas and Arizona over the next few months too.


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