Sunday, 20 November 2011

Road trippin'

As part of my campaign for November awesomeness, I've been on a little journey. Well, not so little - in the space of 40 hours, I managed to drive from LA to Vegas, to the Hoover Dam, to an extremely random In n' Out in Kingman, AZ - and then back to LA. It did mean one almost sleepless night, but it was completely, 100% worth it to see my amazing friends S and A, and get to hang out with them for as long as possible.

Plus who doesn't love a bit of loud, tuneless singing while driving along a desert highway?

I found Vegas a strange city - I think maybe I was just more in a frame of mind to have a huge catch-up session with people I hadn't seen for 7 months than to gamble/drink/fritter the night away in debauched fashion. It was definitely less glamorous than I'd expected - more filled with large people eating large amounts of fast food than with fast-living, poker playing, risk-takers. But we still had a great time, and I would have happily sat in the middle of a field for a day to spend time with S and A.

I had planned to head straight back to SoCal after my little Vegas stint, but the lure of a few more hours with friends, plus the promise of a board game (have I mentioned that a) I am hideously competitive and b) I freakin' LOVE board games?) sent me in completely the other direction, and off on a little jaunt to the Hoover Dam.

Which turned out to be surprisingly (to ignorant me) beautiful.

So that's how I've been spending my week - talking to my car like it's a human being, praising it for driving 600 miles without any glitches (it's almost 20 years old, folks, you don't know how proud I am of it), almost doubling the amount of states I've visited, and feeling UNBELIEVABLY lucky that in the time I've been out here, so many of my friends have made it out in this direction and found some free time to meet up with me.


S said...

I've been given permission to comment, so comment I will. Ditto to all. Spot on! Bit harsh labelling A as 'large people eating large amounts of food' but fair enough ;-)

And I LOVE tuneless singing whilst driving along a desert highway! xxx

p.s. name your field...we'll be there.

Celia said...

Oh S, how I love thee...

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