Sunday, 20 November 2011


OK,  I take it all back. All that moaning about changing seasons, and missing English winter, consider it revoked.

Today was wet here. Like street-flooding wet.


And COLD. I'm currently wearing tracky bottoms, three layers of jumpers and a scarf. (Meanwhile, Taylor Swift, who I saw a few hours ago, is probably still wearing a very pretty gold spangled frock.)  And I'm really wishing I packed my fleecy hiking socks and my proper winter boots when I came out here. I'd forgotten the misery induced by wet toes.

This is not what I signed up for.

In fact, there is only one solution...

Shopping trip!

I need:

 - Some more scarves
 - A mid-weight jacket
 - Some long-sleeved tops
 - Socks

There will be a progress update when I have actually made some progress, and stopped huddling over my laptop wrapped in a blanket. (Probably not on the sock shopping, though. No-one wants to read about socks...)


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