Sunday, 16 October 2011

A little art

I've concluded that one of the more practical ways to humanise my apartment might be by adding a little wall decoration. That way, when I leave, I can always just abandon the frames and squeeze whatever I've collected into my suitcase.

I know. I. Am. A. Genius.

I already have a Tim Burton poster, picked up on my trip to LACMA over the summer. I was going to post a picture of it, but there seems to be a mysterious absence of them anywhere on the internet, which worries me. I don't want to get sued. I don't have any money. So I'll just say you could buy the same one here.

But I'd been dithering about how to frame it. And also avoiding a trip to Ikea, because Ikea is basically hell, and I never, ever escape without buying shedloads of unecessary tat. This week, I resolve to stop being a procrastinating idiot and go buy a plain white frame.

For a different wall, I've been considering these:

Beautiful giclee prints from Inaluxe

The one on the left - see that? It's called The Love Fox. There is nothing else to say. I've ordered prints from Inaluxe before as gifts from other people, and they are beautiful.

Now I just need to decide if I can justify the cost of my wall prettification project...


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