Monday, 10 October 2011

Flea market finds

The title of this post isn't really very accurate - it should probably be called 'Flea market items I dithered over and hovered around like an anxious wasp before eventually abandoning.' But that wasn't altogether catchy.

I paid a little visit to the Melrose Trading Post on Sunday morning, in the hope of making my little apartment seem a bit less sparse and a bit more 'me.' When I got there, I realised I hadn't quite put enough thought into my mission. Buying antique globes, teacups and saucers and vases is all well and good, but I don't actually have much in the way of furniture. I mean I have all the basics, but I don't have a sideboard or a display cabinet for purely decorative items. The best you could say about my living space right now is that it's functional. And even that isn't entirely true... I still don't have a kettle.

And if I buy actual furniture, how the hell do I get it back to England when I leave? I came here with a grand total of two suitcases. If I start to factor in shipping costs, my bargainous flea market 'antiques' start to look a lot less, well, bargainous.

So I left empty-handed. But I was sorely tempted by a couple of things, and it's entirely possible I may crack if they're still there next week, and do some rash spending.

There was this:

Girliness in chair form.

I love this chair. I mean actually LOVE it. I could happily sit and stroke it for quite a long time. And it goes beautifully with the slightly chintzy, vintage-y, girly bedroom stuff I own back in England. But it clashes quite hideously with my bedroom here. Woe is me.

Would this make me more like Joan from Mad Men?

And as for this - well, I've been oddly obsessed with typewriters since I was a kid. For my ninth birthday I actually asked for, and got, a typewriter, and attempted to write my first novel on it (I was an odd child.) I love typewriter fonts, and I am very enthusiastic about the idea of having one as a decorative thingummy in my apartment. Except with said apartment in it's current decorative state, it would be living on the floor...

So. Thoughts. Do I give up and carry on living my pared down aesthetic existence, or do I set up my own little 1950's typing pool in a corner of my living room? On the floor. Because I have basically no furniture.


Rachel said...

Love it! Love it all! The type writer could live under the chair or on the chair, who needs a display cabinet? You do need a kettle though Celia, get on that straight away. Then let me know when you've got it i'll send you some Yorkshire Tea (like tea used to be) and Marks and Spencers biscuits.

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