Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Grey days

The weather has turned very autumnal all of a sudden.

Rain, rain, go away...
Apparently it's pretty unusual for rain storms to arrive this early - and while no-one enjoys coming home with sodden shoes and frizzy, rain bedraggled locks, I'm actually kind of loving it. Now I have an excuse to eat autumn comfort food and bundle up in big bulky jumpers and scarves.

Working from home has a fair few disadvantages - it's isolating, it's more difficult to manage your time effectively, you never feel like you're entirely switched off from work - but watching Glee on catch-up on the sofa during my lunch break, with a bowl of leek and potato soup = happy days.

Roasted butternut squash for dinner tonight - and I'm seriously considering hitting up the craft store at some point this week and having me a little Halloween DIY session.

Happy autumn!


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