Monday, 3 October 2011

Born to run (really bloody slowly)

Done and dusted.

10k has been run. Finish line has been passed. 27-year-old girl woman has completed race in what may be a record-breakingly slow time. Post-race pancakes have been consumed on the pier.

So in celebration, I thought I'd make a mini version of the playlist that kept me entertained as I plodded around Santa Monica. A mini version because my real Spotify running playlist is four hours long, and I'm not sure that anyone needs to be subjected to that.

My musical taste usually leans towards the more downbeat, indie-dirge side of things. Not very running appropriate. But a quick google search for faster-paced running songs tends to yield disappointing results, unless you really like Pink. Or Britney Spears. Or the Black Eyed Peas. And they aren't really my bag... so here's my compromise playlist of songs that make me happy enough to not give up, return to the sofa and break out the peanut butter cups.

It's not what I'd called cutting edge - I've discovered I need a song to have a certain degree of familiarity before it can make the grade as a running choon. And I make no apologies for my bizarre taste, or lack of it - it's all subjective, right?

1. A-Punk, Vampire Weekend
2. Sound and Vision, David Bowie
3. Lover I Don't Have to Love, Bright Eyes
4. Lola, the Kinks
5. Friday Night in Loughborough, the Wave Pictures
6. Raspberry Beret, Prince
7. Georgia, Yuck
8. Disco 2000, Pulp
9. Not on Top, Herman Dune
10. Carrion, British Sea Power
11. Rocks Off, the Rolling Stones
12. Let's Get Out Of This Country, Camera Obscura
13. This Charming Man, the Smiths
14. Carnival Kids, the Futureheads
15. Another Sunny Day, Belle & Sebastian


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