Sunday, 28 July 2013


This weekend my friend A hosted what we're catchily calling 'A celebration because R is having a baby'.

And obviously I couldn't let an opportunity to get my hands on some crepe paper, ribbon and cake tins pass me by, so. Behold. 

A whipped up scones and the cutest-looking chocolate macarons, and I went on a bit of a lemon kick, and baked some lemon bars and a batch of lemon curd cupcakes.

And then we scattered a few gold spray-painted animals in among the baked goods. As you do. 

And there was elderflower cordial, and Pimm's, and tiny baby-gros and children's storybooks, and it was both super-relaxed and really special, and my friend K travelled all the way from Bristol for 24 hours to come to it, and, and, and. 

Basically A throws a jolly fine shindig. And one of the best parts about being back in England is that now I get to go to things like this. 

Also. Tiny golden animals MAKE EVERYTHING AWESOMER.


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