Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Anyone for (Cornish) cream tea?

There are lots of things that make me happy. Whisky sours. Film trailers. Sleeper trains. Snuggly dogs. Any meal with a side of bacon. Any excuse to hold a celebration.

But high up on that list is Cornwall - and anything Cornish.

And seen as a jaunt down there hasn't quite happened this year, I decided a little bit of baking was in order, especially as it's hard to imagine weather more summery than we've had recently, and equally hard to imagine a food more appropriate for the height of British summer than scones.

Maybe not the absolute healthiest option for a Sunday afternoon tea, but totally worth it.

The recipe is a Mary Berry one, found here. Technically, she calls them Devonshire scones. She also calls the cream 'optional'.

I say: All the jam. All the cream (ideally clotted). Maybe some strawberries. The only thing distinguishing my kitchen from a teashop in a cute Cornish fishing village is the lack of a few thousand tourists.

Happy heatwave!


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