Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Holiday dreams...

I have some pretty exciting travel plans in place for the next year or so. Remember this? I might just be doing something about it at last. Plus there are less than two months to go until my next trip back to England for Christmas, which I'm crazy excited about. I mean, who wouldn't be? Christmas trees, cold weather, seeing my friend A's house in person at last, rather than through the letter-box, drinking mulled everything - I'm already getting worryingly into the Christmas spirit.

And I just booked my flights to Amsterdam for New Year's festivities with the wonderful S and her husband, who I haven't seen since I moved stateside. I have big dreams of a sophisticated, Euro-awesome start to 2013. (These may be overly ambitious. I'm not renowned for my sophistication.)

Throw in my determination to see some more of the US next year and I've pretty much pre-planned the next 10 months or so of holiday allowance already. Which is cool.

But I'm still on the mailing list for various holiday letting agencies, thanks to my family trip to Cornwall earlier in the year. This morning I was lured in by an email advertising quirky holiday destinations, and, fickle as I am, I fell head-over-heels in love with the idea of a mini-break in a Scottish watermill...

Mill House in Caithness

Or a trullo surrounded by olive groves in Puglia.

 Trulli sant'oronzo in Monopoli

Or (my personal favourite) a 1920's beach hut on the north coast of Cornwall.

The Beach Hut

A girl can dream, right?



Anonymous said...

Think Jims dad and Sharon stayed in that hut in Cornwall.

Celia said...

Awesome! I really want to go there, it looks so cool..

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