Saturday, 2 July 2011


The Gili Islands (purdy)

OK, so this is going to make me sound like a very spoilt girl indeed... but bear with me.

I LOVE travelling. One of the reasons I picked my career is the opportunities for seeing new places that come with it. Over the last few years I've been lucky enough to visit a few different Caribbean Islands, Canada and various European cities with work.

But the best holidays, by a long, long margin, have been the ones I've saved my pennies for, sat and planned through from start to finish and researched in minute detail. From Morocco to Vietnam, Slovenia to Lombok, they've all been worth the budgeting and the worrying about whether I can justify the cost.

While other people have been busy buying houses and planning weddings, I've been spending all my spare cash readily agreeing to any and every holiday suggestion thrown at me. And I don't regret it one little bit.

Even though my job has brought me to California, and I've got some road trips lined up for the next couple of months (Vegas baby!) I'm getting a bit restless. I miss the anticipation of the Big Trip. Poring over maps and making up fantastical itineraries makes me happy.

So I've decided that whatever happens, 2012 is going to involve not just a Big Trip, but THE Big Trip. Not just a two or three-week holiday, but a couple of months away from everything familiar. I just need to decide where I'm going...

It's a two-way battle between the Trans-Siberian Railway (starting in London and working my way overland to Beijing) and a jaunt through South America, from Peru, through Bolivia and down to Buenos Aires.

Tough call. Or a chance to plan two lots of absurd itineraries...


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