Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Things in LA that make me happy:

 - Iced coffee. I never saw the point before, but suddenly it's seeming like the Best. Idea. Ever.
-   Rooftop pool. Enough said.
 - Driving my car and listening to music (loudly) with the windows down. (What other drivers make of The Fall or The Wave Pictures blaring out, I have no idea...)
 - Not having to take the tube to work every day. Major plus.

Things that have the opposite effect:

 - Having to drive everywhere. Why does NO-ONE walk anywhere in this city?*
 - Having too much time on my hands to brood. Bad idea.
 - Missing what isn't in LA - namely my lovely friends
 - The distinct lack of Caffe Nero berry fruit boosters. But it's ok, I've merely replaced blended fruit and ice with blended chocolate, coffee and ice. My waistline will pay me back in due course...

*Actually I know the answer to that. I was carless for a week or so, and on one ill-judged and hungover stroll down Hollywood Blvd, someone propositioned me on behalf of his friend. He promised said friend would 'get a job and start taking showers' if I'd be his girlfriend. As I crossed the road some other man came waaay too close and started telling me I was a dead ringer for Julianne Moore (laughable as well as creepy). Two minutes after that, I got followed by a man shouting incoherent randomness. The only word I could make out was 'pussy'. Repeatedly.


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