Thursday, 16 August 2012


I got back from another trip to England yesterday. More on that when I've processed everything, but for now, some notes from the journey.

 - Reading Fifty Shades of Grey on the tube can still make the person sitting opposite you on the Piccadilly line snigger.

 - When the fat guy sitting in the aisle seat rudely interrupts your conversation with his very nice wife to ask if you like sitting by the window, the correct answer is 'yes. Yes I do, thanks. That's why I requested a window seat.' The incorrect answer is 'um. I don't really mind.' That is how you will end up in an aisle seat getting your foot trampled on by mean BA air stewardesses. For ten straight hours.

 - Most customs guys at LAX are pretty lovely. Yesterday's one, however, took the time out to point at my visa picture and my passport picture, tell me I looked 'pretty cute' in the visa photo, and less cute (although he also said 'nothing like me' - which I guess is a compliment?) in the main passport pic. Thanks dude.

 - The one downside to watching about a million films a year is that when you get to the in-flight entertainment, the choice of unwatched fare is limited. So limited that on this journey, I stimulated my mind watching American Reunion. And A Little Bit of Heaven. No, I'm not proud of that.

- I travel a lot. I'm used to that bit when you get to arrivals and everyone there is being greeted by someone, and it's like that whole montage at the end of Love Actually, and then you walk through, and no-one notices. It doesn't usually bother me. Yesterday it sucked. Mainly, I think, because of the woman being greeted by a giant, fluffy St Bernard dog running around her in lunatic circles. I want a giant fluffy St Bernard.

On the plus side, I got to sleep in my lovely soft bed for the first time in nearly a month last night. For 12 straight hours. It was AMAZING.


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