Thursday, 5 July 2012

Independence Day

I knew it was a good sign when my friend H spotted Jeff Goldblum - driving a Prius, obvs - as she walked over to mine. Yes, the very same Jeff Goldblum who starred in Independence Day. It's fate!

Except then we got talking about Independence Day. And how we were, in fact, helping the Americans celebrate their freedom from us. And some slight jingoistic impulse, combined with rather a large amount of prosecco, led to the singing of some classic British tunes. Like, ahem...

M People.

And PJ and Duncan.

And Robbie Williams.

I'm sure my neighbours love us.

In our defence, we did also eat burgers, and watch fireworks. We at least got part of this 4th of July thing down right...


A said...

I love these pictures! x

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