Saturday, 12 May 2012


It's been a pretty awesome week here in LA - flying visits from English friends, clear skies and a crazy number of opportunities to try out some new eateries.

All of them were great (I think you could eat out at a different place every night for a year in this city and still be dining incredibly well) - but A-Frame was, without doubt, the highlight.

All pictures from A-Frame

The space is super-simple and wooden - it feels a bit like a Swedish sauna, actually - in a good way. The service was the friendliest I've had since moving here (a waitress who actually recommends you order less now and see if you fancy a second dessert course afterwards? Hello!) And the food - oh dear god, the food.

We were on a shared table, and all my friend and I did in the time it took for our meal to arrive was stare fixedly at the people eating in front of us, because everything looked so freaking AMAZING.

The restaurant describes itself as 'modern picnic'-themed - which basically means you're eating from very prettily patterned tin plates, and everything comes designed for sharing.

There are loads of unusual flavour combinations - asparagus with kimchi puree? Pork chop with pickled spring onions? But our favourite weirdo dish of all was the banana bacon cream pie. Sprinkles of bacon on top, bacon baked into the pie crust. Should be so wrong. Tasted so, so right.

Who knew?


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