Monday, 14 May 2012

Flea market finds - again

I've been waiting for a proper opportunity to play with my new camera (aka the love of my life) for weeks, and Sunday's trip to the Rose Bowl flea market finally gave me an excuse to get snap-happy.

It was a freakishly hot day, and the Rose Bowl is absolutely vast, so what started out as a serious price-comparison mission for mid-century sideboards soon turned into an excuse to drink lemonade and admire tea cups...

But I did manage to come away with a couple of happiness-inducing bits and bobs.

Who doesn't need a jigsaw puzzle/globe?

And while I managed to hold out on the extortionately priced tea cup and saucer sets above ($25. Really? Really?)  I did pick up another couple of pretty cups.

My photography skillz need some serious work, but these are certainly an upgrade from what I can produce with my phone camera, so I'm not too unhappy with my first efforts!


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