Saturday, 18 February 2012

Big skies

I spent my birthday this year travelling to and staying in Phoenix, Arizona, on a work trip.

Poor me, you might say (if you're really kind-hearted) - working on my birthday, away from home.


This was my room:

It had a fully functional log fireplace, guys.

And a rather nice view.

And in the evening, there was a mashed potato bar.

It's possible you didn't quite comprehend the full significance of that first time around, so I'll repeat: A Mashed Potato Bar. With purple mash! And garlic mash! And toppings! And sour cream! And filet mignon to eat on the side.

Best birthday meal evah? Very possibly. Except there was no cake. That is something that needs remedying ASAP.

Anyway. I'm 28 now. I feel old. But Arizona was freaking gorgeous, and, as you can see above, somehow the skies there just seem very BIG in comparison with English ones. Anyone know why that is?


Anonymous said...

Wowser, that looks far cooler than any other place I have seen you on previous birthdays. And why did you not fashion yourself a mashed potato birthday cake you nutbag? You could have had multiple layers with the different colours and flavours. Is this a normal thing to find in America by the way? Something where steak is considered a side?
P.S. This be Cullock!

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