Friday, 18 November 2011

Winter is coming

OK, that's just an uber-geeky Game of Thrones reference. (HBO, like peanut butter cups, is my middle-class crack.) Winter isn't really coming. I live in LA, for Christ's sake. It is unlikely that there will be sub-zero temperatures...

But Christmas is coming up fast.

Yes, it's November. Yes, Thanksgiving comes first. Yes, I hate the way that commercial Christmas brainwashing starts as soon as Halloween is over. Yes, it pains me that people actually measure Christmas by the arrival of the coca-cola ad.

But what can I say? I'm a victim of said commercial brainwashing. I''ve got Christmas on the brain. It's time to start the all-important wrapping paper deliberations. White and pale blue? Silver? Rustic red with real berries? Brown paper and tartan ribbon? Fir-tree green? I just came back from Target with a large roll of brown parcel paper. I had to forcibly drag myself away from a pack of tiny stick-on Santa hats. Every year I say I'll hand-make my Christmas cards - maybe this year I actually will. (I won't.)

I also discovered a range of festive animal costumes - I have every intention of discussing potential uses for them next time I skype my mama. But for now, I resisted them.

I did, however, manage to pick up a festive baby ensemble for a certain little person yet to make an arrival.

Sorry R. I couldn't resist. All newborn babies want to look like giant peppermint candy canes, right? Right!

Time to go make a Christmas spotify playlist, methinks...


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