Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Living room makeover

So I bought a hammer.

I own tools! Well, tool. Singular. I ended up attaching the backing to a picture frame with a kitchen knife, because I forgot to buy a screwdriver. But whatevs.

I spent last night and a little bit of this morning mounting, framing, hammering and generally prettifying.

My lovely (and appropriate for Halloween) Tim Burton print has found a home.

So has my flea market mirror, although I decided it was a little small for the spot over the sofa, and moved it to the opposite wall.

That bunting you can see in the reflection? That's the temporary solution I came up with to jazz up the sofa wall, which was looking very sad and unadorned.

Incidentally, I absolutely loathe this sofa. It's an inherited Ikea sofa bed, it's uncomfortable, ugly, and has basically nothing going for it except that it was free. But new sofas are expensive things to invest in, especially when I don't know how permanent my sojourn in the sun might be, so it'll do for now...

As will my coffee table, which only has three fully operational legs, but does a borderline-adequate job of holding my beloved Moroccan bowl (I spent a week searching the souks of three different cities before finding this baby.)

I also framed a bunch of other bits and pieces that were floating around, including a little print of my home town.*

I've still got a huge list of things I'd like to pick up as cheaply as possible over the next few months. Anyone feel like giving away a sideboard, a vintage globe or a decent -sized desk?

No? Dammit.

But from the right angle, it almost looks like a home...

*You see that white building in the foreground of the print? It's a pub. Random fact: I used to work in it, very briefly. I can pull an excellent pint of Guinness, but I'm still terrible at pool. 


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