Monday, 12 September 2011


So it turns out I can't work 16 hour days for five days straight, subsist on fast food/free food and survive on five hours of sleep per night without getting ill. What a shock. Glands are swollen, inconvenient hacking cough has set in, and this evening saw some quite inconvenient red carpet sneezing.

So to cheer myself up, here are five reasons why I LOVE Toronto:

 - The people. For example, there are thousands of volunteers basically running the film festival, and they are all uber-cool awesome folk. (That might not be true. I'm sure some of them are horrible. But I haven't met a single one who isn't lovely)

 - The public transport infrastructure. Hurrah for a city where people don't think it's beneath their dignity to catch the bus/tram/subway or hire a bike*

 - The weather. Real weather. Different-every-day weather. Weather you don't know how to dress for.

 - The movie stars. Obviously I do realise that a) this is just for 10 days each year and b) I live in LA, home to 80% of the acting world, but here you actually see them, they don't seem too scared to head out and explore. Probably because all Canadians are lovely (see above).

 - Canadian celebrities specifically. How did I never realise before that all the best famous folk are Canadian? David Cronenberg? Canadian. Neil Young? Canadian. Ryan Gosling? Both extremely pretty, and Canadian. I rest my case.

*Not only that, but if you're a woman travelling at night, you can ask the bus driver to let you out between stops to make it safer for you. How cool is that?


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