Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Picture This

Please don't judge me on the dodgy quality of these pics - they're from my iphone and I'm not exactly a photographic genius just yet (although that is on The List).

Also, try not to judge me too much on the fact that these photos are inordinately food and beverage-based. Firstly, I'm a bit weirded out by the idea of putting pics of myself on the internet, and secondly, well, that's how I roll. Food = awesomeness. Frozen margaritas also.

El Compadre's raspberry frozen margarita. Hello.

Sweet Lady Jane on Melrose.
Meet the chocolate strawberry cake.

Yoga in the park

Feet. And the swimming pool

Even though last week seemed to disappear in a haze of form-filling and road negotiating, I did get a few opportunities to explore. There were some vague efforts to neutralise the Mexican dinner, the cake-fest (seriously, that place is AMAZING),  and the Japanese restaurant I was too tipsy to take pictures of (it was Friday night, ok?) with yoga and the gym. And despite the fact that the day after my debut yoga session muscles I didn't even know I possessed hurt, the next one is lined up for tomorrow.


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