Tuesday, 16 July 2013


You might remember that back in the spring I went to a bunch of awesome places? Like northern California, and Maui, and Coachella? No?

That's because I went to those places, had an incredible time and then totally failed to write about them, or do anything with the 6,000 (approx.) photos that I took. 

Which kinda totally defeats the purpose of keeping a blog  - you know, generally keeping track of what you've been up to so you can remember it when you're grey and wrinkly. 

So here goes. Sadly, of those 6,000 photos exactly 19 were taken at Coachella. That's because expensive camera + festival + booze = recipe for disaster. So I relied on my phone. And my phone, frankly, is pretty shitty. But anyway, please enjoy the 12 finest of those pictures - I think the blur on stage in the middle left is Nick Cave, but I wouldn't swear my life on it or anything. It could equally be New Order, or even the Stone Roses, although I'm not sure why I would have felt moved to document that set....

This, on the other hand, is definitely (blurry, but still) Nick:

And this flattering picture is me being ridiculously overexcited about that fact:

I totes still these from my friend E. Thanks E!

I know, I know. Guys, form an orderly queue.

Honestly, I'm not sure anyone would benefit from a detailed description of the music we saw - Coachella always has an amazing line-up, and what I loved someone else might bore someone else senseless. But highlights for me included Grimes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, New Order and of course, Nick (I'd like to think we're on first name terms. We're not).

Basically, imagine an English festival. Then take away the mud, add 90 degree heat, toilets that don't induce a  gag reflex, chuck in  a few million palm trees and a ferris wheel, and boom. Best. Festival. Evah.


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