Thursday, 2 May 2013

Benign neglect

It's been a busy old month. Since last we spoke, I've hiked through bamboo forests, swum with turtles, failed to spot celebrities at a rather fancy restaurant, and watched Nick Cave do his thing at Coachella.

I've hung out in 95 degree Californian sunshine - and somehow avoided sunburn. I've reacquainted myself with the Victoria Line, and with shifts that start at 7am. Said goodbye to some of my favourite people, and counted myself lucky that I get to hang out with others on a regular basis now.

I have, fingers crossed, found myself somewhere to live in London. In a whole new area of London that I'm excited to explore.

And hopefully once I've established a new routine, a new blogging routine will come too. It's surprising just how much I miss trawling through photos and trying to find words when I neglect it.

For now, just a few photos from my short (too short) trip to Maui. It's pretty cool. You should go.


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