Friday, 23 November 2012

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas - part 3

Finally. Part the Third.

For the dudes (and specifically the dads):

This is where it gets tricky. My father is not the easiest to shop for. One Christmas he specifically requested CD cleaning wipes and refused to countenance the idea that I might want to buy him something less, well, cleaning product-y.*

So, with a distinct lack of originality, I've bought my dad the latest Terry Pratchett novel most years. I'd buy it in December, he'd usually read it some time around August, and that would be that.

After 20 years that idea has staled a little. But my dad is a busy man, hence only managing to finish his Christmas reading on his summer holidays - he doesn't have the time for books.

So what does he like? Well, beer, for starters. Good beer. Fancypants beer.

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I can't recommend St Peter's Brewery enough. It has every kind of beer a discerning ale drinker could ever want, from grapefruit to Christmas to Suffolk Gold. Sadly, my dad already knows this. He knows it so well that after knocking off work on Christmas Eve he usually drives over to their (beautiful, medieval) brewery and buys a case for himself, to enjoy at leisure over the festive season. So that's out.

So my brain runs thus: My dad likes music. I can buy concert/theatre tickets. I'll get him an experience, rather than a thing! Genius!

Except. The last cultural events of this type my parents attended were, in no particular order: Mumford & Sons, the Glyndebourne Touring Opera, the Foo Fighters and The Imagined Village. Their tastes are nothing if not diverse.

If you happen to have a parent with operatic leanings, Glyndebourne will be performing The Marriage of Figaro (which my parents declared excellent) again next summer at the 2013 Festival. 

Ooh - I know! Scandi-crime! All middle-aged, middle-class Brits like a bit of gloomy Scandinavian noir, right?

Image via the BBC

Season 1 of The Bridge is on dvd now, as is the film adaptation of Jo Nesbo's Headhunters. I can't comment on either of these, because I haven't actually seen them. I haven't even watched the Danish version of The Killing. *Hangs head in shame*. But judging by my parents' reluctance to speak to me on Skype when The Bridge was on, I think they liked it.

Which means they've seen it. Which means they do not strictly need a box-set.

Which means I GIVE UP. Guys, what are you buying your dad for Christmas?

*In case you get really, really, really desperate. You're welcome!


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