Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fearless adrenaline junkie?

Anyone want to see some hilarious photos of me in an attractive red jumpsuit with a trouser hem 6 inches too short? Grinning like a maniac while dangling rather high above Toronto?


Here you go:

I know you've seen this one before. But that was a photo of a photo - this is the real, high-res version, so you can see the terror/elation on my face properly.

What you are looking at is the city's newest tourist attraction, the EdgeWalk. Basically, a bunch of fearless bloggers and I were suited, booted where necessary (apparently my converse were fine, but they provide trainers if you need them) and sent 365m above downtown Toronto. For a stroll.

I'm not particularly afraid of heights. But I'm also not particularly brave. As we travelled up (in a glass-floored lift) I really thought it was possible that I would freak out and end up cowering in the doorway watching the others tap-dance on the edge of the world.

This didn't happen. Although the video that the guide filmed of our little jaunt (they wear cameras on their helmets) mainly seems to involve me muttering 'ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod' under my breath, I actually found myself on some kind of crazy adrenaline rush within seconds of first leaning out over the ledge.

It helps a lot that you spend more time preparing and doing safety checks, and understanding how the harness system works, than you do actually walking around the tower. It also helps that our guide was great, very reassuring and not too high-pressure.

But basically, I've concluded that I'm just a bad-ass adrenaline junkie totally down with scary things. As long as they don't involve bungee cords. Or jumping out of planes. Or sharks. Or any kind of caving/pot-holing. Or rollercoasters. Or anything else that might make me travel-sick.

But me and walking slowly while wearing an absurd outfit? We're good. 


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