Tuesday, 18 September 2012


I don't even know how I'd summarise the last couple of weeks except to say that they were hectic. And also that my love affair with Toronto continues unabated.

I'm still shattered, so here's a round-up composed of very few words and some seriously mediocre photos (my beloved SLR had to sit this trip out because I had too much work-based luggage to haul around).

I got to meet this guy:

And a whole bunch of other people too.

There were a few of these:

Yes, that's a margarita with a gummy worm. Classy.

A fair bit of caffeine in Toronto's numerous achingly hipster coffee shops (necessary to keep me going two weeks without a day off):

A couple of days of pampering at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton and its fancy spa, and a tiny bit of adventuring in and around the city, from St Lawrence market to West Queen West, to the Distillery District and Toronto Island.

Oh? And pretty much the highlight of the whole trip?

I think 6-inches-too-short jumpsuits are set to make a comeback...

That's me (blurry). Hanging off the side of the CN Tower. More on that next time!

It's been a pretty great couple of weeks, but it felt SO GOOD to get home to my own flat and my own bed. I have a very good feeling about autumn in LA this year...


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