Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Coffee Set of Happiness

I didn't have a huge amount of downtime on my trip back to England - I was busy trying to squeeze in as many different meet-ups as possible, forming part of R&B's pre-wedding working party*, playing with cute babies and going to actual weddings.

But I did get a few hours here and there to hang out in my beloved Suffolk with my equally beloved friend A.

We went for a leisurely (and cake-filled) afternoon tea in Southwold.

We hung out next to the river with select beverages and select reading matter.

And, best of all, we paid a visit to a new vintage shop that just opened in Beccles. As has been well established, I'm a sucker for old shit. For flea markets, car boot sales, charity shops, and ebay finds.

Now I'm adding Vintage Mischief to the list. I did manage to just about remember that I don't actually live in England at the moment. So the beautiful mid-century sideboard, the floating shelf and the industrial-looking lamp were all out.

But there was one find I couldn't quite resist. I saw, I stroked, I murmured endearments.

And then, very tentatively. I asked the price....

... was pleasantly surprised to get change from £20 for a 4-cup coffee set, with pot, and merrily skipped away with a bunch of crockery I technically have no home for.

Luckily, A has offered to provide temporary sanctuary for The Coffee Set of Happiness.

Thanks A!

*so much fun - anyone else getting married soon? I hereby volunteer for any projects that involve no actual skill...


A said...

you are welcome! as soon as i have somewhere to put it i shall be adopting it - shelves go up next week! x
ps jesus, the size of my arm!!!

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