Sunday, 4 March 2012


Sunday was my only day off this weekend, and I'm not going to lie, it really didn't start very well. Urgent action was required to resuscitate my mood and salvage my weekend, so I adopted a multi-stage plan.

1. Food/music/sunshine

I took a little drive through Laurel Canyon, along narrow, windy, shaded little roads, with Neil Young providing my soundtrack, to an underground pop-up marketplace selling all manner of yummy foods.

Macaroons: A birthday present, if I can resist eating them myself...

Pretty packaging

2. Retail therapy on a budget

On a boring errand-based trip to Target I couldn't resist this $8 vest - I think it has a message (to clarify, not a horrid tacky actual slogan, an unspoken message) - spring is here!

I'm thinking tan sandals, jeans, or even shorts if I'm feeling brave, maybe some coral nail varnish (see below) and this, and I'm all set for a sunny day.

3. Pampering

I've been on a bit of a nail-painting spree recently, but this time I was bored with all my usual colours, so I layered dark, grape red/purple with Miss Piggy glittah. Adult? Possibly not. Happiness-inducing? Mos def.

Pretty nails, pretty cup, it's just a shame about the chipolata fingers...


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