Monday, 16 January 2012

Busy lady

This has become a very poor, sad, neglected specimen of a blog over the past few weeks.

There are reasons for this, although I hesitate to call them excuses.

1. I was back in England having a jolly lovely Christmas, and thus too busy to blog

2. I was back in LA after Christmas, working like a be-atch, and thus too busy to blog

3. I was really homesick for England, and didn't want to make it any worse by blogging about Christmas loveliness

4. I was feeling kind of blah and uninspired post-Christmas, and mustering the energy to type seemed far too big an effort (1 day off in 12 will do that to a girl, I fear)

Part of the problem is that currently, all I do is work. I'm lucky, I have a job I quite enjoy, most of the time. However it's a pretty all-consuming occupation - it involves crazy hours, late nights and early starts, and I'm not as good at switching off from it as I perhaps should be.

If I'm not careful, it could easily take over my life. As it is, it's always the first thing people ask me about, and always the thing people introduce me as - you know 'this is Celia, she's a...'

Never 'this is Celia, she's got some wicked craft skillz,', or 'this is Celia, she ran a marathon last week.' Obviously I don't have craft skillz, and I definitely have not run 26 miles any time recently Or, you know, ever. And for that I blame my stupid time-consuming, energy-sucking job (and my clumsiness, and my general laziness. Ahem.)

The point is, I started this blog to remind myself to focus on all the good bits in my life, and to make the most of the opportunities I'm given. So I'm loth to take up precious t'interweb space chatting about what I do for a living. Which is fine, until periods like this, when I HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT except my job.

So. Yeah. I've kind of run aground - hopefully this week I should have a little breathing space to enjoy the LA sunshine, get outside and running again, and start thinking, only three weeks late, about a few New Year's Resolutions. (learning to switch off from work occasionally might be an excellent starting point...)


A said...

You do have mad craft skillz - I've seen your flea market transformations! X

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