Monday, 5 December 2011

Hello there.

Oh, hi. Long time no see.

Sorry about that -  I've been a busy lady, you know. Time for a catch-up? Oh, ok, if you insist.

First of all, there was Thankgiving. It involved a bit of hiking here:

Joshua Tree in all its glory.

There was a considerable amount of this:

Soggy Weekend magazine. I may have dropped one corner of it in the hot-tub...

There was seriously too much of this:

Pecan pie: before and after.

And of course, there was a little lounging (and marshmallow toasting) next to this:

Fireplace and toasty feet.
All in all, it was quite satisfactory. By which I mean BLOODY AMAZING. I want to live in Palm Springs, drink yummy cocktails and eat Thanksgiving dinner every day, if you please.


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