Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bad Celia

This picture has nothing to do with anything - it just serves to cheer me up

Sorry, I have been a truly terrible blogging person over the last couple of weeks. Partly it's because I've been insanely busy with work, partly it's because I've lost my phone, and the camera on that was pretty much how I document everything that happens in my nondescript little life. And partly, I'm just having one of those weeks where EVERYTHING goes wrong.

 - Lost phone. Check

 - Dead car battery. Check

 -  General technological issues making all my working days deeply frustrating. Check

 - Halloween costume fail. Check (last time I saw a picture of Dusty Springfield, she did not look like a Disney princess crossed with mid-period Liz Taylor transmogrified with a slightly greying old lady)

Basically I'm just a little tired, grumpy and impoverished thanks to unexpected expenses (see above). But - but but but - I have a whole bunch of truly awesome plans for November, including a little bit of travel and getting to hang out with people I love.

So things are looking up! November shall be amaaazing. I have decreed it.


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