Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bad day

Not a 'something really terrible happened' day. Or a 'my self-confidence has really been shaken' day. Or even an 'every possible thing has gone wrong' kind of day.

Just one of those days when the little things irritate you in a way they really shouldn't. Drivers cutting you up, people in supermarkets stealing your trolley, clumsy people stepping really hard on your toe, pedestrians walking in front of moving traffic. When I thought said supermarket had run out of diet coke, my thought process ran thus:

"I hate this stupid, crappy day, I want it to be over already. Stupid, dumbass Fresh and Easy, how could they possibly be out of diet coke? Don't they know my toe is hurting? And it's really, really hot? And that my caffeine addiction is getting worse by the day? I HATE this supermarket... I HATE LA... I hate my life... Oooh, actually they do have diet coke hidden at the back of the shelf, yay! Mmmm, wonder if they've got any of those red velvet cupcakes left?"

Never let it be said that I am ever anything but the most reasonable, logical and tolerant of people.

The solution? The original version of Sea of Love. It came on the radio just as a family (of idiots) walked in front of my car in the supermarket carpark, and the dad kindly told his daughter that if she was going to be run over, it should be by a less rubbish car.

In restrained fashion, I resisted reversing and driving over his feet, and me and the soothing sounds of Sea of Love left grocery shopping hell behind.

I might give Fresh and Easy a miss for a while...


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