Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My Working Week

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While lurking at LAX last week waiting for a pair of newlyweds to touch down, I started thinking about how much of my time at work is spent just waiting... for... stuff... to... happen. If someone had told me my career would involve this much hanging around, maybe I would have reconsidered (probably not, to be honest. It's not like I would have made a great tax lawyer. Or dentist. Or bus driver.)

I'm not exactly renowned for my patient attitude to life. In fact, kinda the opposite. I hate queues. My attention span is now so bad that I'm operating on two different laptops, and when a page loads on one, I sometimes start using the other... (hideous confession. Imagine me mentally chastising myself.) I can't sit through an ad break without fidgeting.

So how did I end up in a job where it's not unusual to sit around waiting for something or someone for up to three hours at a time?

The oddest thing is the way things go from hanging around, trying to befriend the random people standing next to you*, to crazy, intense, adrenaline-rush levels of stress, in the space of a few seconds.

Anyhoo, thank fuck for Angry Birds. Tiny, enthusiastic, avian bombs, you saved my sanity this weekend. I thank you.

*This can seriously backfire. Some people are awesome. An unfortunate minority turn out to be scary far-right-leaning creeps who have to you see again - and again - and again, at future waiting around sessions. It's a risk you take...


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